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Excursion is Therapy a powerful form of experiential therapy that inspires emotional healing. Moreover, it’s particularly impactful for adolescents

A study published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies explored the efficacy of wilderness therapy in treating troubled adolescents. Researchers found that 95 percent of participants deemed the project as enormously beneficial. In fact, six weeks after the program, parents reported significant improvements in the behaviour and mindset of the teenagers who participated.

In part, Excursion is Theraphy  works by allowing teens to venture outside their comfort zones. By providing opportunities to escape from the daily routine, Adventure Therapy helps teens see themselves in a new light. Furthermore, mastering new challenges in a collaborative environment boosts adolescents’ self-esteem and social skills.

What Is Excursion Therapy?

Excursion is Therapy  can take many forms. However, it generally takes place outdoors and involves a variety of fun—and often challenging—physical activities. Therefore, trained mental health professionals provide guidance and supervision as teens take part in excursions such as camping, hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, ropes courses, and even surfing.

While Excursion is Therapy takes place outside the confines of a traditional therapy setting, it has its roots in several psychological concepts. These include systems theory, experiential learning, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Excursion is Therapy is applicable for many different ages and mental health challenges.

Individuals of all ages can benefit from Excursion is Therapy. Moreover, it is proven to be an effective tool for overcoming a wide range of mental health challenges. As a result, Excursion is Therapy offers ways to care for mental illness for people recovering from eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and teen substance abuse.

Additionally, it is a powerful anxiety and depression treatment approach. It can also help those who are working to come to terms with personal loss. As well, Excursion is Therapy can add an exciting and productive element to family or relationship therapy.

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