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Our Approach 

We approach our main mission–to help young social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs achieve their vision of creating thoughtful, effective business support –by staying true to what makes us unique: our flexibility in providing tailored services; our team’s unmatched expertise; and our vast networks and enduring relationships.

Tailored Services

When you come to us for guidance, you can rest assured that we recognize and honor your uniqueness. We take pride in developing highly personalized processes built around your specific needs, cultivating a deep understanding of your history, traditions, goals, values and culture. At the same time, you’ll benefit from our broad base of diverse experiences as we bring our best tools and ideas to the engagement.


New Company Registration

  • Name Reservation
  • Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Level 1BEE Certificate

Company Amendments 

  • All changes to the Company
  • Name change
  • Director Change and more

Company Certificate 

  • Origional Certificate of Confirmation
  • Original Company Documents

Non Profit Company Registration

  • Name Reservation
  • Memorandum of Incorporation

Annual Returns 

  • Annual Returns submitted at CIPC
  • Confirmation Certificate
  • Keep your company active

Business Profile 

  • Concept development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Identity

Procurement Applications and Advise

  • Central Data Base Registration
  • Construction Industry Development Board
  • City of Cape Town Procurement Registration
  • Western Cape Procurement Registration

We don't only assist the youth with social business development but it is critical to encourage youth to participate in the economy of the country. 



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