About us

Beyond Counselling and Coaching Institute is a Non Profit Organization Reg No : 2021/ 702724/08 operates in the Cape Flats District of Cape Town, South Africa.

The organisation has combined the experience and challenges faced by the teenagers and youth in the previously disadvantage communities of South Africa and we realised that in order to assist people to live a crime, violence, drugs free life style one must be emotionally balanced, hence we assist with Leadership Skills, Critical Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship so that the youth and young man can live a purposeful and meaning life. 

This is a journey we don't only talk about but we have lived it. We have build this organisation based on personal experience and the educational formulas  necessary to assist the Youth and Young man  with emotional, psychological and economical challenges. 

We will go beyond our practice in assisting one to find oneself!


Our Vision 

Is to recreate the world with Youth  who possess Emotional Intelligency &  Critical Thinkers.  


Using counselling and Coaching as the tools to empower the youth to create and live positive lifestyle

Lumkile Mapanya Sogoni picture

Lumkile Mapanya Sogoni

Managing Director

Lumkile " Mapanya" Sogoni is the Founder of the Organization and the Managing Director 

Mapanya as he prefer to be called by his nickname is an Inspirational individual who has managed to transform his life and also continue to assist others who wants to live a meaning life with the purpose. 

He is carrying a lot of experience in Community Development and has more that a decade of experience in working with the Youth in South Africa and abroad. 

Mapanya has worked intensively with different organisations and has attained an overwhelming experience and approach in dealing with youth and community challenges. His a Certified Life Coach and Therapist. 

"Therapy is not only my profession and passion but a Gift from God"

Those who are interested in Mapanya's life story they can watch one of his TedTalk on youtube Mapanya Sogoni 

Belinda Nwabisa Mentile picture

Belinda Nwabisa Mentile

Operations Coordinator

Belinda is an Educationist with extensive experience in Early Childhood Development and Training. She has worked as the teacher and an assistant teacher in education. 

Multitalented individual who enjoys keeping in shape and also a Physical Therapist and a Trainer. 

She enjoys camping with the youth and creating obstacles challenging games. Belinda 's passion is Community Development through positive education. 

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